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Configuration: Cooling Down Between Layers



This is a guide on adding a configuration to your slicing settings that will add an FFF cooldown during long silver layers.  

This Config is useful for parts with many silver features on a layer. Typically, the FFF nozzle remains at temperature (~200C) when printing with the silver head. If it takes a very long time to print a silver layer, plastic can ooze from the FFF nozzle and fall into the part. This Config lowers the temperature of the FFF tool below the ooze point of PLA (170C) while printing silver. When the FFF tool is re-activated, the printer will pause to allow the hot-end to return to temperature.

We recommend testing this on short prints to see how it affects your individual prints.



See this article for more detailed information about adding configurations.    


  1. Log into dashboard, and click on the 'Configs' option at the top of the window.
2. Click on the 'New Config' button at the center top of the window.
3. In the new window, enter a name for your config, we used "Cool-Down Between Layers", and paste the following exactly as it appears into the box labeled 'JSON'.


  "tools": {

    "0": {

      "activate_cmd": "T0; switch to tool zero coordinate system\nM109 S200\nG91 ; relative coordinates\nG1 Z1 F2000 ; move Z1 at 2000 mm/min\nG90 ; absolute coordinates\nG1 X57 Y187.7 F9000\nG1 X-37.7 F9000\n;begin wiping\nG91\nG1 E7 F150\nG1 E-0.5 F250\nG90\nG4 S1\nG1 Y165 F6000\nG1 X-36 F6000\nG1 Y180 F6000\nG1 X-34 F6000\nG1 Y165 F6000\n;end wiping\nG91\nG1 Z-1 F2000\nG90\n\n",

      "deactivate_cmd": "G91\nG1 E-1.5 F300\nG90\nM104 S170"




4. Note that in this Config, the activate and deactivate parts of the FFF tool are changed.  We cooled down to 170 degrees.  Once this is saved, a GUI populates with a simple box to edit the value, rather than loading the JSON text every time. This is shown below.  
5. Returning to the 'Builds' section of Dashboard, select the build you wish to use this config on.
6. Without selecting any of the parts, select the 'Add Config" button at the right. Then, using the drop down menu, select the config you wish to use.
7. Re-slice your file, and send it to printer to utilize this, or any other configs you create.
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