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Configuration: Higher Support Density


This is a guide on adding a configuration to your slicing settings that will allow you to increase the density of support material.  


Supports are automatically generated when toggled ON in a Build (within the UI). For parts requiring additional support, use this Config to increase the Support density. The Config will toggle ON Supports, toggle OFF the Skirt (which can interfere with supports), and increase the density of the support material.


We recommend testing this on short prints to see how it affects your individual prints.



See this article for more detailed information about adding configurations.    


  1. Log into dashboard, and click on the 'Configs' option at the top of the window.
2. Click on the 'New Config' button at the center top of the window.
3. In the new window, enter a name for your config, we used "Higher Support Density", and paste the following exactly as it appears into the box labeled 'JSON'.


  "supports": {

    "config": "SupportGenerationConfig",

    "enabled": true,

    "tool_id": 0,

    "horizontal_offset": 0.3,

    "vertical_separation": 1,

    "density": 0.3


  "tools": {

    "0": {

      "skirt_enabled": false




4. This configuration changes the Density of Supports within the JSON.  You may adjust this as you find necessary, just remember to save it every time you do. Additionally, once this is saved, a GUI populates with a simple box to edit the value, rather than loading the JSON text every time.
5. Returning to the 'Builds' section of Dashboard, select the build you wish to use this config on.
6. Without selecting any of the parts, select the 'Add Config" button at the right. Then, using the drop down menu, select the config you wish to use.
7. Re-slice your file, and send it to printer to utilize this, or any other configs you create.
NOTE: You could also create multiple configs with different densities and simply name them "Support Density 0.3" or similar if you find that you like more than one setting.
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