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Silver Troubleshooting: Not Properly Seated


It is possible to not properly insert the silver syringe into the Developer's Kit system.  This will result in the printer being unable to function properly.  This is easy to fix in one or two different steps.  


  • Silver does not appear to be lowering far enough.  This could result in failed alignments or even a failure to properly lower the syringe at all.  
  • The photo below is what it should look like.  Continue through this guide if your silver syringe sits higher in the printer than the below image.  

 Picture 001: A view of the Developer's Kit with the silver syringe properly seated in the cartridge.

Steps to Fix the Issue

1. To resolve this, the first step is to try the application of more force until your syringe is seated like in Picture 001. It is best to do this while the cartridge is in the lowered position.


If this fails, then you will need to modify the syringe itself.  For this solution you will need to have a file or sandpaper.


2.  Very occasionally, these syringes come from the manufacturer with slight defects, as far as tolerances are concerned. Indicated on Picture 002, you will need to slightly remove the outer edge of the bottom of the syringe. This can be done using a file, or sandpaper, and should be done only to the portion indicated in the photo.
 Picture 002: A silver syringe with the area to be filed pointed out.
3.  After this, you should be able to get the silver syringe to seat properly as seen in Picture 003.  

Picture 003: The silver print head has been reassembled, loaded with silver, and ready to print.

4. Test that the silver is seated properly by selecting "Lower Silver" and "Raise Silver" from the touch screen and observing the silver nozzle to ensure its far enough down.

NOTE: Take care to make sure that the Z arm is not lowered too far!

5. Finish by running a new alignment, and verify silver lowers and alignment is successful! (You may need to replace the red nozzle on the syringe.) 

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