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Does either Autodesk Project Wire, or the Voxel8 Plugin support gerber import functionality?

No, not at this time.

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Is Voxel8's software free to use?

Yes, all the software needed to use your printer is included in the price of the Developer's Kit. If you need to design parts without connecting to Voxel8's cloud, you can purchase out Enterprise Edition. Contact sales for more information.

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What is the cost of obtaining further licenses?

Contact sales for more information on Enterprise licenses.

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Does the software have its own manuals?

Yes. You are looking at it right now. There are written materials in the form of visual guides, tutorials and upcoming screencasts on this support site.

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How can I get access to Autodesk Project Wire?
Anyone can access Project Wire with a valid Dashboard account. You can sign up here: Dashboard

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How do I communicate with the printer, how can I feed the data for the structure I am aiming to print?

All of our software is web based. Our slicer, Euclid sits in the cloud and is accessible via browser. The Control Interface software is also web based and runs on the printer. You can design either in the cloud with Autodesk's Project Wire, using our Solidworks Addin, or with any tool that is capable of producing .STL formatted files.

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Can 3rd party software be used with the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit?

Yes. You can upload STLs representing plastic and silver directly into the Dashboard. Wire can also import STL files which can be exported from almost any CAD program (Autocad, SolidWorks, Maya, etc).

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How are parts designed to be printed with the Developer’s Kit?

Autodesk’s Project Wire tool is the best way to integrate 3D models with embedded wires. You can create your 3D models using any external program and then use Project Wire to add embedded circuitry and electronic devices.

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What slicing software is used?

Voxel8 has developed a custom toolpath planner called Euclid, which allows you to harness the full potential of our multi-material 3D printing platform.

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Are separate models needed for each material?

Using Autodesk’s Project Wire, material compositions are defined and communicated to Voxel8’s tool path planner. Our printer also works with alternative CAD files based on STLs.

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Will software be released as open source?

Components of our tool path planner will be contributed back to the community as open source libraries. Checkout our GitHub repo for the latest on our open source projects:

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What kind of security features are included with the cloud software?

We support https for the Voxel8 Dashboard. If you need to prevent your models from ever leaving your local network you will need to purchase an Enterprise license. Contact sales for more information.

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Do you offer a native application for your printer or is it cloud based only?

Contact Sales for more information on our Enterprise edition.

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Where can I obtain models to print on my Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer?

3D models can be created using many CAD or 3D modeling applications that are capable of exporting in .STL file format. There are also many sources on the internet for downloading single material printable objects. For multi-material models involving embedded electronics, you should visit our downloads area for examples and projects to download.

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What kind of files can be imported into the Voxel8 software?

Our Dashboard software can import .STL models at this time. However, we are working on more formats over time.

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Do I require a separate 3D model for each material to be printed as with other multi-material printers?

Our software currently requires .STL files to be supplied for both print heads (i.e. PLA and silver). Depending on the complexity of your design, this may require one or more .STL files.

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What version of SolidWorks does the Voxel8 add-in work with?

It has been tested with SolidWorks 2015 and later.

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I am getting a warning message inside of Dashboard when printing. What does it mean? list of errors: "warn: Model exceeds the specified build volume of the printer".

1.) It may mean that the modeler you are using to export STL files might not be scaling correctly for the Voxel8 Dashboard. Check your unit of measurement, and make sure it is set to imperial or metric.

2.) If your printed object is in fact, larger than 5.906" x 5.906" x  3.94" (i.e. 150mm x 150mm x 100mm), then you may need to either rescale it, or possibly break it up into pieces and print individually.

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How do I access the Voxel8 Dashboard?

You open the URL: in a Chrome or Firefox and then create an account, login, and register your Voxel8 Developer's Kit to begin.

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How do I access the Voxel8 Control Interface?

1.) To find the IP address assigned to your Developers' Kit Printer access the Printer Info screen on the front touch screen, and then open that URL in a browser.
2.)  (e.g. http://xx.xx.xx.xx). Once registered you can also find your IP address in Dashboard, when opening the interface to a printer.

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How should I setup my SolidWorks file if I'm using the Voxel8 add-in?

You should use an assembly and individual parts inside the assembly for trace, components, and body. This way you can work on things independently. Visit our SolidWorks tutorial and design tips for more information.

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How do I re-register my machine on Dashboard with an activation token?

You can use "Confirm Printer" option in the touch screen under "Settings" to retrieve your activation code again.

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How do I shutdown the Voxel8 printer?

You can shutdown the printer via OctoPrint or through the TouchScreen through the "Settings" screen. Do not power off the machine with the switch in the back unless you have shutdown through the touch screen interface first.

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What browsers are supported for Dashboard and the Control Interface?

Modern ones. We like to use Firefox and Chrome. We suggest you use those for the best experience. If one doesn't work for you, try the alternative, or contact us.

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Can I use a tablet to control the Voxel8 Dashboard?

We have not tested this throughly (yet), but you should be able to use a modern web browser on a tablet. Report to us if you have issues doing this.

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How do I add/remove access for a new member to a Developer's Kit Printer?

You can use the Voxel8 Dashboard, under Account -> Settings -> Organization.

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I am using the Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in and I can't seem to select the "Create Trace" option in the navigation bar. What am I doing wrong?

Line segments are contained in a sketch that may not be in a SolidWorks Part; or conflicts with another feature of SolidWorks in your assembly. Try moving, copying, or recreating the line segments into a different Part.

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Is the software included with the Developer's Kit Printer, free?

Yes. The Voxel8 Developer's Kit Platform comes with access to all the software you need to get up and running.

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I have run the Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in setup.exe, but I still don't see it listed in my SolidWorks add-in UI after installation. What is the problem?

You need to enable the add-in before you will see it. Check out the SolidWorks documentation for installation steps.

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I have imported all my STL design files into Dashboard, but they all have the same z-index and are not correctly oriented to the build plate. It appears every imported file has a z index of 0. What is happening? How do I fix this?

By selecting each individual .STL file for import one at a time, they will automatically set to z index 0, which is the build plate floor for each item. This is just the way Dashboard works right now.

To get the proper z-index for multiple STL files you must select all your files all at once, and drag and drop them into Dashboard. Alternatively, you must use the file dialog to select all the files and import them. That will solve the problem.

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I don't receive an activation token, my printer displays "Not connected to Internet" and/or appears unreachable in dashboard. How do I fix this?

Your network connectivity may not be stable enough to reliably connect. Alternatively, your network settings may need adjustments.

The Voxel8 printer requires access to ports 443 and 22 for outbound connections. Additionally, port 80 needs to be open for inbound connections if you wish to use the Control Interface

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I am trying to setup the Voxel8 printer onto a Captive Portal network environment but running into trouble. Can you help?

In short, captive network is not supported in its default configuration requiring username and password with the Voxel8 printer. However, "white listing" the IP is possible.

Instructions are provided on the networking configuration page. You should bring in your IT administrator at this point to help.

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How do I upgrade the firmware on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer?

Automatic Updates:

The Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer is configured by default to automatically reboot at approximately 4am every night when idle to check for updates. If the machine is connected to the internet, upon the reboot the printer will pull down all software updates from the Voxel8 service and install them.  However, if the print is not idle (e.g. printing a job), the firmware update will be delayed until the printer is next idle to complete any updates required.

Manual Updates:
  • Method #1: The first method is to access the Firmware Update button located in the diagnostics menu via the Voxel8 Developer's Kit touchscreen. This can be accessed by pressing the "Settings" button for > 4 seconds. At that point, a new menu will appear that contains the selection "Update Firmware" (among other troubleshooting buttons). Pressing that will start the manual firmware update process (if connected to the internet).

  • Method #2: The second method is to access the Voxel8 Control Interface, and click the "Update Firmware" button under Settings->Plugins->Firmware Update
NOTE: Firmware updates can be turned off by going to the assigned IP Address of the Voxel8 printer (i.e. "Voxel8 Control Interface") and disable the checkmark under the Settings->Plugins->Firmware Update->Enable Firmware Auto-Update.

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I keep getting a dialog on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer touchscreen that says: "Control Interface: http://<some IP Address>/" There's currently a connection error: No connection between Control Interface and the printer. You can try to reconnect by hitting the button below." What does this mean?
This means that the touchscreen interface (i.e. "Voxel8 PrinterUI") is not connected to the Control Board. It is disconnected via software.

To re-enable the connection, you must press using the "Reconnect" button via the touchscreen interface, or login to Control Interface and press the "Connect" button under the "Connection" panel.

Normally disconnects will because by hardware issues, and the root cause will normally be listed under "Status" in the Control Interface "State" panel, or within the "Commands" panel where gcode is displayed.

NOTE: It is not unusual for the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer to display this error on a reboot before the home screen appears. If this happens, just hit the reconnect button and wait a few seconds before the reconnection happens. If you are having consistent and frequent disconnects, you should contact support.
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