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Developer's Kit Platform Overview


What is the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Platform?

The Voxel8 Developer's Kit is a multi-material 3-D Printer Platform, which allows for the creation of volumetric 3-D printed parts with embedded circuits and components inside using additive manufacturing techniques (see Picture 001).  

Picture 001: A quadcopter in mid printing process on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer.

The Voxel8 Developer's Kit (i.e sometimes referred to further as "DevKit" or simply: Voxel8 "DK") that you have received includes the Software, Hardware, and Materials to print multi-materials in this way.

  • Software
    The Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer is run through a collection of web browser interfaces as well as a physical touch screen interface. There is no "native application" that needs to be downloaded or installed under any specific computer Operating System. Most of the software resides in the cloud, or directly within the printer hardware. *

    NOTE: We recommend that Voxel8 Developer Kit operators run a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the web portions of our Platform.
    There are three main software components you will interact with:

       • Dashboard
       • Touch Screen
       • Control Interface (optional)

    - The cloud based Voxel8 Dashboard is a fully featured 3D visualizer and administrative system for the Developer's Kit Printer (see Picture 002). Some of the many things it allows you, the operator to do, are: upload and manage print jobs, administrate Developer's Kit Printers and users, configure print job configurations, and other features.

    Picture 002: The Voxel8 Dashboard.

    For more in depth information, check out the Dashboard page.

    Touch Screen - Located on the front of the machine; this capacitive touch interface (see Picture 003) allows an operator to interact with basic control features such as printing and pausing selected print jobs, monitoring ongoing print jobs, calibrating your printer, connecting to the networks, and much more.

    Picture 003: The Voxel8 Developer's Kit Touch Screen.

    For more in depth information, check out the Touch Screen Overview page, later.

    Control Interface - This web based interface is used for more advanced features of the printing process such manual positioning of finer manual control of the Printer, tuning temperatures, and issuing machine level gcode, as well as changing underlying printer settings (see Picture 004).

    It is based on the 3D Printing software OctoPrint; but with custom modifications created by Voxel8 specific to multi-material printing.

    Picture 004: The Voxel8 Control Interface (i.e. a customized Octoprint).

    For more information, check out the Control Interface page.

  • Hardware
    The Voxel8 3D Printer (see Picture 005) is a multi-material 3D Printer capable of extruding thermoplastic and silver conductive ink through two independent print heads on the machine. This allows operators of the machine to design and create volumetric electronics in ways never thought of before using additive manufacturing techniques.

    Printer Parts
    For an overview of the terminology of each part exposed on the Printer, then refer to the Printer Schematics page.

    If you are interested in exact hardware specifications, then check out the Printer Specifications page.

  Picture 005: The Voxel8 Developer's Kit 3D Printer.

  • Materials
    Along with your Voxel8 Printer Hardware and Software, you also receive the materials required to make 3D Printed electronics. This includes a set of conductive silver ink supplies, and several spools of PLA thermoplastic filament.

    NOTE: The quantity of the materials you receive in your shipment box depends on your original Developer's Kit pre-order of "Get it First", or "Standard", Professional, or Enterprise options.

    Conductive Silver Ink
    The silver conductive ink that ships with the Developer's Kit (see Picture 006), is a room temperature curable conductive substance that allows you to create 3D printed circuits in conjunction with thermoplastic printed structures.

    For more specific information and specifications on the conductive ink, please refer to the Materials FAQ.

    Picture 006: Conductive Silver Ink Syringe.

    Thermoplastic filament (PLA)
    The Voxel8 Developer's Kit provides with you multiple PLA spools of filament (see Picture 007) to print with.

    Picture 007: Thermoplastic Plastic Filament Spool (0.75kg spool of 1.75mm diameter PLA).

    You should stick to printing the plastic that Voxel8 supplies as consumables through Voxel8 store.

    NOTE: Voxel8 supplies thermoplastic PLA filament from a trusted vendor, and has gone through testing to provide optimal cohesion with conductive silver. Using another filament may produce inferior results, or possibly even damage your Printer. Our filament is provided via our online store.

Now that you have a basic overview of the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printing Platform, it's time to get started setting up your machine through our Visual Start Guide - step-by-step instructions.

 * If you wish to run the entire Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer Platform Stack within a self contained private network behind a firewall, then please contact us for additional service and pricing.


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