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Do's and Don'ts

These are some guidelines to follow when operating the printer.

  • Do not reach into the printer while it is operating, as the x,y,z movement of the extruder has the potential to pinch or crush your hand.

    The Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer has fast moving and hot parts. Do not reach into the machine during it's operation for safety sake (see Picture K-001 A and K-001 B).

Picture K-001 A: Refrain from touching the build plate as sometimes you can forget it is heated!


Picture K-001 B: While the machine is operating, keep the cover closed and do not reach into the Printer.

  • Do not bump the printer or disrupt the laser profilometer beam while the alignment procedure is running. The laser travels from the top of extruder head downwards towards the printing bed onto the build plate. Normally the profilometer hardware is protected by a cover, but if it is exposed due to adjustments you are making, please do not disturb the button controls while the machine is performing a print job.

Picture K-002 A: The top of the Laser Profilometer.

  • Do inspect the nozzles before starting a print (and before the alignment procedure) to make sure they are completely cleaned of debris (see Picture K-003 A). We recommend replacing the tip if it has not been used for 2 hours.

Picture K-003 A:
Nozzle with dried silver trace.

  • Never haphazardly pull out the thermoplastic filament (see Picture K-004). Voxel8 printers use all-metal hot-ends for filament extrusion, and all-metal hotends typically have a large thermal gradient and a quick transition from hot at the nozzle to cold at the base. If you just pull out the thermoplastic filament too rapidly you risk accidentally solidifying plastic in the cold side of the extruder, preventing new plastic flow. Use the the Control Interface to retract the filament in 5mm intervals.

Picture K-004 A: Do not grip and remove filament from the Extruder without heating it up and also depressing the release lever.

  • Clean out the wiping stations regularly to prevent buildup of material that can interfere with printing (see K-005 A and K-005 B).

Picture K-005 A: Picture of FFF wiper.

Picture K-005 B: Sponge on Silver Wiping Station should be replaced when wear or sufficiently dirty with cured silver.

  • Do not detach the laser profilometer from the machine. It is a class 2 laser and should be treated with respect and care. The laser should always be pointed towards the build plate ONLY. It is a highly sensitive piece of the printer (see Picture K-006 A).


Picture K-006 A: Laser Profilometer.


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