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Loading/Unloading Thermoplastic Filament

Below are instructions for loading and unloading filament from your Developer's Kit printer.

Prepping the filament for loading

1. Locate one of your Voxel8 Developer's Kit 0.75kg spools of 1.75mm PLA thermoplastic provided from your Voxel8 Developer's Kit (see Picture 001).

Picture 001: Voxel9 Black 1.75mm PLA on a translucent spool.

2. Located the filament bay and insert one end of the filament into the lower insertion hole and carefully feed filament into it (see Picture 002).

Picture 002: Inserting the filament into the feed hole in the filament bay holder.

3. Once the filament shows up in the top of the plastic guide tube, you have feed enough filament (see Picture 003).

Picture 003: Filament has been dispensed from the bottom to the top of the machine.

4. Now you'll want to carefully insert the filament into the hole on the top of the FFF extruder(see Picture 004a) while simultaneously depressing the black lever on the top of the extruder (see Picture 004b). This will open the hole directly into the filament feeding chamber and allow you to insert feedback correctly.

Picture 004a: Feeding filament into the extruder hole.

Picture 004b: Depressing the lever, and feeding plastic filament into the FFF extruder hole.

NOTE: You must depress the lever and insert the PLA filament downward for about 40mm. You will know when the filament is inserted properly when you "feel" that the filament has made it past the initial feed chamber.

5. You can let go of the black lever on the top of the FFF extruder to release the filament. Push the guide tube down until it is inserted into the extruder feeding hole (see Picture 005).

Picture 005: Filament is now feed into the FFF extruder.

6. Push the clear plastic guide tube back down into the top of the extruder hole so it fits snuggly (see Picture 006).

NOTE: Make sure that the plastic filament is completely inside the clear plastic tube and that the tube is securely pressed down into the print head.

Picture 6: Reinserting the plastic guide tube into the filament hole.

7. Now you can place the spool of thermoplastic back into the filament bay holder (see Picture 007).

Picture 007: Replacing the filament spool back into the bay holder.

8. The filament spool should now be reinserted (see Picture 008).

Picture 008: Filament spool is back into bay.

9. You can replace the clear acrylic lid (see Picture 009).

Picture 009: Clear plastic lid is placed back onto the filament bay.

10. With the filament spool loaded and lid back on (see Picture 010), it's time to test to see if the filament properly extrudes from the FFF nozzle.

Picture 010: Filament is properly loaded.

Extruding filament material

There are two different ways to load and dispense thermoplastic from the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer: touchscreen and control interface.


1. Select "Control" from the Touch Screen panel (see Picture 001).

Picture 001: Touchscreen control settings.

2. Now select to load (or unload filament) (see Picture 002). The extruder will automatically heat up and be ready to be fed (or unfed) thermoplastic filament.

Picture 002: Load and Unload Filament options in the Touch Screen Control Settings section.

Control Interface (i.e. OctoPrint)

  1. You'll first want to heat up the extruder temperature to approximately 200C - 230 C for the PLA that you inserted (i.e. the melt temperature of the material). See Picture 001.

    Picture 001: Setting the target melting point for the material.

  2. Next you'll want to extrude an amount of thermoplastic to see if it comes out of the FFF nozzle (see Picture 002).
    Picture 002: Test extruding the thermoplastic material.

13. If you've loaded filament, you're now ready to print thermoplastic PLA on your Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer. If you were unloading then you can reload a new filament spool into your Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer.

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