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Build Plate Tape Maintenance & Care

The follow information provides you with some additional information on working with the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Build Plate tape squares.

Where to find the build tape squares?

Provided with your Voxel8 Printer are 20 precut 6" x 6" tape squares (Picture 002) which are in the top compartments of your Developer's Kit Printer Box (see Picture 001).

Picture 001: Tape squares are in your Developer's Kit box.

Picture 002: Tapes squares

When to apply new tape?

Sooner or later, the tape applied on your Voxel8 build plate will either: A.) show signs of wear (see Picture 003A) and tear B.) loosing adhesive qualities during prints (see Picture B).


Picture 003 (A & B): Build tape is showing signs of wear and tear.


 Picture 004: Build tape is about to start losing adhesion due to wear.

In these events you should remove the tape from the build plate by peeling it off, and disposing of it in the trash.

NOTE: If the blue tape contains significant amounts of remnant silver on the surface, you should try to opt for an e-waste receptacle instead of trash or recycle.

How to apply tape

Applying the tape is very similar to many other 3D printing platforms. Below are the steps.

1. Locate your Voxel8 Build Plate (see Picture 005) and put it down on a flat and level surface to apply a new build tape square.

Picture 005: Build Plate.

2. Remove a tape square from the pack provided from your Developer's Kit (see Picture 006).

Picture 006: Tape Square ready to be applied to the Build Plate.

3. Remove the white backing from the tape square (see Picture 007).

Picture 007: Peeling the backing off a single tape square.

4. Recycle the white backing left over, and then start to apply the blue tape to the build plate (see Picture 008).

Picture 008: Starting to carefully apply the build plate tape square.

5. Carefully place the tape square in the center of the build plate, and make it as smooth and flat as possible as you apply it across the build plate surface (see Picture 009).

Picture 009: Applying tape square smoothly from end to end.

6. Use your hand to firmly apply pressure and get rid of any air bubbles or creases that may prevent failed prints later (see Picture 010).

Picture 010: Using your hand to smooth out any creases in the build tape as applied.

NOTE: You can use the bottom of a first to apply pressure and smooth out the tape square to provide the best printing experience.

7. The tape square is applied squarely in the center as flat as possible (see Picture 011). No air bubbles, creases or defects are seen in the applied new piece of build tape.

Picture 011: Tape Square is now applied to the Build Plate.

8. You're ready to print!

Where to get new tape squares

You can order more precut tape squares from our Voxel8 store which are easy and quick to apply.

Note: If you'd rather deal with cutting tape yourself to fit the plate, you are welcome to buy 6" rolls of the blue painter's tape from a local hardware store. Using the Voxel8 tape squares just makes printing more convenient!
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