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Tools & Supplies

When operating the Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer, the following items are nice to have for pre and post printing activities.


A pair of wire cutters come in handle when cutting thermoplastic filament to feed into the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer extruder.

Either diagonal or electrical cutters will work well, and work better than scissors to cut plastic filament.


Picture 001: Diagonal Wire Cutters (Thick gauge).

Picture 002: Wire Cutters (Thin gauge).


Scissors can be used to cut filament in favor of electrical cutters if they are not available.

Picture 003: Scissors.

Small Wire Brush

A small wire brush is useful for cleaning off the FFF extruder on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer of remnant thermoplastic. Either brass or stainless steel are good choices for the brush material.

Picture 004: Small Wire Brush (Brass).

Metal Spatula

A larger spatula is useful for 3D Printed part removal on the Voxel8 build plate.

Picture 005: Metal Spatula.

NOTE: Be very careful if you use a sharp metal spatula to perform part removal from the build plate as is very easy to cut yourself.

Razor Blade(s)

For small or delicate parts, carefully used razor blades can be used to carefully pry up small 3D printed parts.

Picture 006: Razor Blade(s).

NOTE: Be very careful if you use razor blades and perform part removal from the build plate as is very easy to cut yourself.

Putty Knife

A putty knife can be useful for large 3D printed part removal from the Voxel8 Build plate.

Picture 007: Putty Knife.


When picking small SMD components, a nice pair of tweezers are useful to manually pick and place into your Voxel8 3D printed projects.

Picture 008: Tweezers.

Digital Calipers

When working with printed thermoplastic parts, it's nice to have a good set of digital caliper around for precise measurements and gauging tolerances.

Picture 009: Digital Calipers.


A good meter is useful for testing your 3D printed functional parts from the Voxel printer.

Picture 010: Multimeter.

Disposable Gloves (Latex or Vinyl)

When working with the conductive silver ink, it is recommended that you wear gloves. In this case a good pair of disposable ones will work.

NOTE: You will find a pair inside your Developer's Kit printer to get started, but you should purchase Nitrile or Latex gloves for future printing.

Picture 011: Disposable Gloves.

Temperature IR gun

Useful for general troubleshooting of temperature issues with the printer.

Picture 012: Temperature IR gun.

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