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The Printing Process


Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printing Platform

Below is a visualization of the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printing Platform from design, to processing, and printing (see Figure 002).

The main components of the Platform are:

Figure 002: Voxel8 Printing Platform Diagram.



Typical Steps to Print

    1. Design your model in a CAD or 3D Modeling (Autodesk Project Wire, Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in, 3rd Party modeler).

    2. Export all the pieces of your project to .STL files from the 3D modeler.

    3. Upload all the .STL files to the Voxel8 Dashboard system for slicing. Setup configurations and parameters for the print job.

    4. After Dashboard processing, download or send the sliced .gcode files directly to your Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer.

    5. Use the touch screen interface (or control interface) to setup your print jobs.

    6. Load consumables (thermoplastic filament & silver) and align the printer.

    7. Print your designs.

    8. Test your printed designs.

    9. Refine and iterate designs based on physical prints result.

In the Visual Start Guide, you will be taken step-by-step from unboxing to printing and will experience a lot of the above workflow first hand from start to finish.


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