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16. Multi-material Print


You’re ready to run a multi-material on your Voxel8 Developer’s Kit.

1. Verify the following things before printing.

✓ Build Plate is installed and kinematically coupled.
✓ Build Plate has blue tape applied with no printed objects on it.
✓ Your Voxel8 provided plastic filament (PLA) has been loaded correctly.
✓ Silver is loaded correctly.


NOTE: With any Multi-material Print, it is important to never print with silver on the first layer. In other words, silver cannot be printed directly onto the build plate. However, advanced users may desire to print silver directly onto other materials (ie: textiles, or other materials) which could be laid onto the build plate prior to printing.

2. To print your second model, select the “2ndprint” entry from the front touch panel (see Picture 001).

Picture 001: Selecting the 2nd print file.

NOTE: For future reference, you can find this print, including the .STL and sliced .gcode in the downloads section of the site.

3. Once the “2ndprint” is selected, hit the “Print” button located on the front panel (see Picture 002).

Picture 002: Printing your second, multi-material print.

4. Wait until the print completes (see Picture 003) and the machine has stopped operating. Also note that when printing multi-material prints the ink starts curing after 5 minutes. There is a 15 minute dry time before it is recommended touching the prints. Depending on environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity this value could increase or decrease. As a recommendation, we recommend leaving parts drying for an hour or more before manipulating them to significant degree.

Picture 003: Your second Voxel8 multi-material print.

5. If all went according to plan, then congrats on your second print!

If your result differs in quality from the above print (see Picture 003), then please refer to the silver calibration printing instructions on how to adjust your base pressure to dial in your machine.

NOTE: If you have further issues, please reach out to customer support, or access more troubleshooting, silver printing calibration steps, as well as the Printing F.A.Q.

6. Now remove the print and wiping tower from the build plate using the Voxel8 supplied Voxel8 flexible putty knife (or your own razor blade) to help carefully pry it up from the blue tape.

NOTE: When working with sharp objects always be CAREFUL.

 You're left with a clean build area (see Picture 004).

Picture 004: A clean build plate ready for more printing.


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