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Dashboard Overview

The Voxel8 Dashboard is a cloud based application that allows you to do many administrative and logistical tasks needed to 3D print on the Voxel8 platform. 

The Voxel8 Dashboard user interface is divided up into these main areas: A.) Builds, B.) Printers, C.) Configs, and D.) Account and E.) Stage, F.) Add files and G.) Print Settings.

Picture 001: Voxel8 Dashboard :

A.) Builds

The Builds area in Dashboard is where you can get a list of all the print jobs you have completed on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit.

Picture 002: Builds area.

It also allows you to create new builds (i.e. print jobs) by either uploading your own generated .stl files, .stl files generated from Autodesk Project Wire, or the Voxel8 SolidWorks add-in generated .stl files.

Creating a new print job is as simple as pressing the "New Build" button in the user interface.

B.) Printers

The printers area is where you can access each Voxel8 Printer that you have activated and is currently within your network acess.

Picture 003: Printers area.

C.) Configs

The configs area is where you are able to create new configurations for the Voxel8 Printer that modify that way the printer works by default.This means you can create custom routines written in gcode to override existing ones in the default configuration file.

Picture 004: Configs Area.

The "New Config" button will take you into the secondary screen for creating new customized configuration files you can attach to your Voxel8 Developer's Kit print jobs.

Picture 005: New Configuration Screen.

For more information about how to create your own configurations, please check out the Custom Configurations area where this is explained in some further detail.

D.) Account

The account area is where you are able to modify you account profile settings such name, email, organization, or slicer settings. You can also modify your password, or change your email address.

Account Settings

Picture 006: Account settings area.


Picture 007: Login Screen.

Change Password

Picture 008: Change Password Screen.

E.) Stage

The main stage area is where you will editor your model to be printed on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer.

Picture 009: Voxel8 Dashboard Stage with loaded .STLs ready to print.

F.) Add Files

Clicking on the "+" icon located in this area will prompt you to upload a file in .STL format for addition into the print build. You can also drag and drop your .STL files onto the main stage area and they will load.

Picture 010: Adding file(s) to your build.

G.) Print Settings

Print Settings can be modified for each individual job once it is created. Settings (see A) include "Name" of the job, as well as print characteristics (e.g. configuration, amount of infill, etc). The build can be saved at ant time (B).


Picture 011: Print Settings.

Once a print job has been sliced, component slice settings can be modified for it.

Picture 012: Slicing.

Now that you know the basics of the Voxel8 Dashboard, you can head onto the step-by-step Printing Guide for Dashboard. For those will more 3D Printing experience, you can head into the alterative Control Interface available.


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