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Control Interface Overview


The Voxel8 Control Interface is a piece of software that controls the operation of the printer hardware and is an advanced alternative to using the Touch Screen and Dashboard.

The Control Interface presents many advanced and fine tuning features which may appeal to advanced printer operators who are already familiar with 3D Printing on other platforms.

The GUI of the Control Interface is essentially a customized theme running on top of the popular open source OctoPrint software (see Picture 001).

Picture 001: The Voxel8 Control Interface.


The purpose of the Voxel8 Control Interface is to be able to have very specific and advanced control over print jobs on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit.

It can be accessed via direct IP found by accessing the "Printer Info" selection via the  (see Picture 002) or via Dashboard and Printers -> Open Control Interface (see Picture 003). On the Printer Info, you will also find the password to login to Control Interface with.

Picture 002: Printer Info in the Developer's Kit Touch Screen user interface.

Picture 003: Open Control Interface button from within Dashboard.

NOTE: You will need to login to the Control Interface using the "admin" username, and the unique password that is displayed within the Settings->Printer Info display via the touchscreen of your Printer.

The front panel touch screen of the Printer as well as the Voxel8 Dashboard allow print jobs to be run, but if finer machine control is needed, then the Control Interface provides an easy way to access features of the printer hardware.

Below are the core feature areas of the Developer's Kit Control Interface (see Picture 004)

Picture 004: Main interface areas of OctoPrint.

Core Feature Areas

  • A. Connection - the area that allows an operator to connect/disconnect OctoPrint to the underlying Developer's Kit Hardware.

  • B. State - contains dynamic information about the machine state, current print job running, estimated print times and more.

  • C. Files - the gcode files loaded on the machine and available for printing.

  • D. Temperature Monitoring - a historical graph of thermal conditions for the FFF extruder, as well as options to set build plate temperature, and extruder temperature for various materials.

  • E. Control - allows an operator to manipulate the print heads in X, Y, and Z space in fine and broad movements. Allows for extrusion and retraction of printed filament. Turns fans and motors on/off.

  • F. Commands - allows gcodes to be sent to the Developer's Kit Printer. It also allows operators view debug information coming from the printer.

  • G. Bed Calibration - allows for the build plate to be leveled using traditional means. This means dialing in the z-offset for printing thermoplastic.

  • H. Pneumatics - allows for control over the silver dispensing system via the pneumatics system.

  • I. Automation Scripts - allows for dual alignment of the FFF extruder nozzle and silver nozzle tip so that multi-material prints can be printed.

  • J. Settings - allows an operator to modify many lower level OctoPrint configuration items.

  • K. System - allows an operator to shutdown or reboot the Voxel8 Printer, as well as restart Control Interface, Update Automation Scripts, update Printer UI, as well as update firmware.

  • L. Admin - allows an operator to access their user settings and logout of the interface.

  • M. Footer - the footer contains links to open source code for the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Platform, technical documentation, bugs & requests, as well as a link to the Voxel8 Terms & Services.
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