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Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Tips & Tricks

  • Thermoplastic filament feeding - If you're having issues feeding the Voxel8 thermoplastic filament into the extruder. You can follow the steps below:
      1. First make sure to cut the end of the filament at an angle before feeding it into the chamber as well. A square, flush end of filament is harder to feed into the Voxel8 Printer at times.

      2. Heating up the extruder to melt temperature needed for your thermoplastic material (i.e. 1.75mm PLA).

      3. Set to extrude filament via the touch panel, or extrude for 30-50mm length in the Voxel8 control interface, or the touch panel.

      4. While the filament gear is spinning during the extrusion process, feed the filament into the chamber.

Best Practices

The following are some best practices when printing for the Voxel 8 Platform during print job operation:

    • Always replace nozzle tips before printing - before performing a multi-material print it is preferable to replace the silver nozzle tip to ensure that it is clean and has no damage from previous printing. Doing this will increase your print job successes and lower the possibility of print failures from nozzle tip issues (i.e. clogged/bent).

    • Retract silver nozzle before any printing - It's always a good idea to check the silver nozzle is up before canceling any print to ensure that the lowered nozzle does not knock into the build plate and possibly bend the nozzle (which you will then need to replace). You can do this by the front panel UI.

    • View your Gcode prior to printing if your part is complex. You can do this using RepetierHost software (free to download). Click "show travel moves" in the application in order order to see where silver is printed.

    • Use Brims to hold down your thermoplastic parts onto the build plate. Dashboard has the option to toggle this on/off.

      The Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer does not currently support raft generation. Use brims instead. 
    • Do not print silver directly onto the build plate - Silver will adhere to the build plate and be difficult to remove. A part printed atop silver on the build plate may not adhere to the silver.
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