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FFF Disassembly

Required Tools:

  • 1.5mm Hex Driver
  • 2mm Hex Driver
  • T7 Torx Driver

Cartridge Cover

Begin by unscrewing the Flat Head Screw visible on top of the cover using the T7 torx driver. Then, unscrew the two additional Hex Screws within the cover. Then, gently squeeze the cartridge cover as show and carefully slide off of the Extruder. Set aside for reassembly later.

Separating Cold and Hot End

First unplug all connections from the PCB. Next, loosen the Set Screw shown, and remove the Hex Screw located next to it. Grabbing the Hot End with one hand, and the Cold End with the other, carefully separate the two.

Separate FFF Plate

Setting the Hot End aside, locate the three Hex Screws on the black FFF plate. Unscrew these, and remove the FFF Plate from the Cold End. If necessary, remove PCB from FFF plate, otherwise, set plate aside.

Filament Lever Removal

Locate Hex Screw perpendicular to Filament Lever. Unscrew and remove from Cold End, being careful to press down on the lever to allow smooth screw extraction. Slowly release and then remove the lever so as not to lose the spring, and set aside.

Remove Extruder Face Plate

Remove all screws in Extruder Face Plate, remember to remove the Set Screw previously loosened. Then, separate the face plate from the Extruder Body.

Separate Motor and Extruder Body

Grabbing hold of the motor in one hand, and the Extruder Body in the other, gently pull them apart.

Removal of Hobbed Gear

Now, you may remove the Hobbed Gear if necessary, and follow the Assembly guide to re-assemble your FFF Extruder.

Removal of Silicone Sleeve

Also only if necessary, carefully remove the silicone sleeve from the Hot End. Wiggle off of Extruder and then slide along the wire to remove.

Disassembly Complete

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