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Manual Alignment Process

This following explains the manual alignment procedure for the dual print heads on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit machine. Normally, the alignment procedure is automatic, but on old generation machines you may still need to run this method of aligning both the FFF nozzle and the silver tip.

NOTE: This is a low-level way of manually aligning the nozzles on the Voxel8 Developer's Kit Printer. It is recommended for advanced users only. You should use the built in alignment script provided to you via the touchscreen.
NOTE: You will enter in gcodes into the Control Interface in order to run this method of alignment.

Before you start:

  • Make sure that both the cartridge and the bed are correctly seated on their kinematic couplings. If the bed is not seated properly, then you can get very weird autobed leveling results.

Staring the hot-end zeroing process:

  • Type the following things into the command window of octoprint: (hit enter after each) M851 Z-10 (sets laser offset extra low to ensure that you can reach the zero point you want) M500 (saves that value) G28 (homes) G29 (autobed levels)

Setting bed zero:

  • Manually jog the hotend to the center of the bed
  • Manually jog the hotend to the z-height you want to set as Z=0 (you can use the paper to check the fit)
  • Type M852 into the command window in octoprint

Validating the bed zero:

  • Manually jog up in z to create some clearance Type the following into the command window in octoprint: G28 (homes) G29 (autobedlevels) G90 (ensure you are in absolute coordinates) G1 Z0 F100 (slowly moves to z=0 to make sure it looks right)

Now you are ready to print. If you want to further fine tune the z-height, based on the results of your print, you can follow these instructions:

You can take a piece of the skirt that is printed on the first layer and measure its thickness with calipers. The target is 0.19 mm. If you measure it, and it is 0.24 mm for example, then you want the bed zero to move down an additional 0.05 mm. This can be accomplished by the following steps:

  • Click the "i" icon in the command window in octoprint to expand it and see the info that the printer is feeding back to you
  • Type in M851. It will return something like this: Send: N927 M851*35 Recv: echo:Z Offset : -2.57

The z-offset is the number of mm the printer has to move in Z to get from the height that it sits while homing, to the true zero height. So if you want to move your z-height 0.05 mm closer to the bed, then you will want to change your Z offset from -2.57 to -2.62. To do this you type the following into the command window:

  M851 Z-2.62 (sets z-offset)
  M500 (saves it)

Now you should be perfectly calibrated, and ideally will not have to change this again for a long time.

Normally you can just run the alignment button from the touchscreen.

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