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Gcodes for troubleshooting

Below are some basic troubleshooting gcodes for advanced users who understand and want to issue low level commands to the Voxel8 Developer's Kit.

Troubleshooting gcodes

  • G28  (home all)

  • G29 (bed lvl)
    ^ best to always run G28/G29 together.  Any time Z offsets are set or reset, these should both be run again before adjusting further

  • G1 Z0 (move z-> 0)

  • M125 (set tank) S**

  • M236 S18 (set pressure - no S reads back value)

  • M106 (blowers ON)

  • M107 (blowers OFF)

  • M119 (endstop states - these tell you if endstops are triggered)

  • M42 P75 S255 (silver down - S0 is up) - Motor Actuated cartridges only

  • M42 P45 S255 (solenoid open - S0 closes)

  • M851 Z-3 (set z offset -3, no Z reads back value)

How to submit gcode to the Developer's Kit Printer

GCodes can be issued through the OctoPrint user interface within the Control Interface (see Pictures 001, 002, 003)

Picture 001: The commands area in Control Interface where gcodes are entered.

Once the commands tab is open, there are a few different areas, including the "B" where the gcode command is entered and "C" the submission button for it (see Pocture 002).

Clicking on area "A" will bring up the status message window which can be scrolled (see Picture 004).

Picture 002: Clicking on A brings down the scroll window for previous commands, 

Submitting a command

A custom gcode to "home all" is entered (see Picture 003).

Picture 003: Home all gcode submitted to the Developer's Kit Printer for execution.

Commands Status Window 

Picture 004: The scrollable status of the machine after submitting gcode.

NOTE: You should only submit gcode to the Developer's Kit printer if you are sure of what it will it will do.


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