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Voxel8 Developer's Kit accessories

Below are all the Voxel8 Developer's Kit accessories that come with your Developer's Kit 3D printer inside the box.


Printing Build Plate

The orange anodized aluminum build plate (see Picture 001) that comes with the printer is tucked inside the foam packing along with your printer.



Picture 001: Anodized Voxel8 Build Plate.

NOTE: Depending on your order, you may have one (i.e. "Deposit" pre-orders), or two build plates (i.e. "Get it now" pre-order). Future orders may ship with only a single plate, however.

AC Power Cable

The power cable (see Picture 002) that comes with your Voxel8 Developer's Kit printer is rated for the amount of power it supplies. You should generally not use another cable unless it has similar specifications. The power supply within the Voxel8 printer is auto-switching from 120V to 220V.


Picture 002: Voxel8 supplied AC power cable.

NOTE: For international orders outside of the US, there will be a power converter inside the box that will get you from US standard to your countries standard.

Purge Bins

The 3D printed purge bins (see Picture 003) that come with your Developer's Kit are meant to catch the thermoplastic filament debris and excess silver. Essentially they are "dump trays". BTW: These printed bins are recyclable since they are PLA.

You can download the gcode to print more purge bins using the Voxel8 control interface.

Picture 003: Purge Bins.

Ethernet Cable

The physical ethernet cable (see Picture 004) that ships with your printer hooks into the RJ45 network port on the back of the print and provides the best connection possible to the internet. To send files to the printer you will need a network connection, either the cable or through the wireless. For more information about setup, check out the visual start guide, or networking configuration page.

Picture 004: Ethernet cable supplied.

Putty Knife

The putty knife (see Picture 005) included with your Voxel8 printer allows you a means to get prints off the build plate a bit easier than with your hands.

Picture 005: Putty Knife supplied.

You will find an edge of a printed part and then use leverage to attempt to push and pry objects off the build plate. It's best if this is done on a flat surface (see Picture 006) and not on the machine itself as the build plate could come loose.

Picture 006: Removing a plastic part off the build plate.

TIP: In addition to the provided putty knife, sliding a razor blade under printed objects is also a good way to cleanly get off smaller prints from the build plate.


2mm Hex Key

The 2mm hex key (see Picture 007) can be found contained in the Wiping Kit plastic box. It is used to remove the silicone strip found in the plastic wiping station on the back left of the machine. Consult the printer schematic (#13).


Picture 007: 2mm hex key for the plastic wiping station.

2.5mm Hex Key

The 2.5mm hex key (see Picture 008) found in the Wiping Kit plastic box is used to remove the screw holding down the sponge on the silver wiping station located on the back right of the machine. Consult the printer schematic (#06).

Picture 008: 2.5mm hex key for the silver wiping station.


0.75 kg Thermoplastic Filament Spools (PLA)

You will find several spools of PLA plastic (see Picture 009) within your Voxel8 shipment box contained in the top compartments. The procedure for Loading and unloading filament is explained here

When you run out, you can order more.Picture 009: 0.75kg spool of Voxel8 approved 1.75mm PLA thermoplastic.

NOTE: We do not recommend using other non-Voxel8 branded thermoplastics in the printer as it may lead to print failures. Common occurrences using non-approved filaments are skipping and stripping events, which are documented here.
TIP: Each spool will be covered in plastic and contains desiccant to prevent the spool from drying when exposed to air. It's a good idea not to open a spool from the plastic until you are ready to use it, especially if you are operating the printer particularly dry or wet environments.

Precut Build Plate Printing Tape Squares

Provided with your printer are 20 wrapped precut tape squares that you will use to apply to the build plate for printing purposes. The procedure for applying the squares is documented here. Just quickly peel and apply, no need to mess with scissors and cut tape.

When you run out, you can order more.
Picture 010: Precut tape squares for the build plate.

Silver Barrel Syringes

The silver barrel syringes (sometimes previously known as "silver cartridges"), are 3cc containers of the conductive silver ink that Voxel8 manufactures. Each unit comes in a box which has a label which describes important information about the material. You can also check the SDS sheet for more information

For information about how to load this material, you can check out the visual start guide, or loading conductive silver ink instructions.

NOTE: When working with the ink, it's recommended to wear gloves. We provided some in the shipping box to get you started. You can check out more information about the conductive ink here.

Picture 011: Silver barrel syringe of Voxel8 conductive ink.

Bottle of Capping / Wiping Solvent

Provided with your Developer's Kit is a small bottle of solvent with an eye dropped for application purposes. You use this solution to wet the capping sponges before printing silver. The procedure is described in the visual start guide

If you need more, you can order from Voxel8.



Picture 011: Wiping solvent solution.

Box of 250 µm Luer Lock Dispense Tips

When printing silver you'll be using the supplied red tip dispensing nozzles that screw onto the silver barrel syringes. Check out the visual start guide to see the procedure for replacing a nozzle tip.

NOTE: We recommend using a new nozzle every time you print to limit the number of print failures. Careful inspection for nozzle damage or clogs is also recommended.

If you need more, you can order them from Voxel8.

Picture 012: Dispensing tip nozzles for printing silver.

Pair of Nitrile Gloves

Inside your Developer's Kit there are a pair of size L disposable nitrile gloves that are recommended to be worn when working with the conductive silver. The contents of the silver material are described in the SDS datasheet.

If you need more nitrile gloves, you can find order some from the internet.

NOTE: If you get silver on your body or clothes, wash it off using soap or water. For some objects you can also apply the solvent in small amounts to remove it. For further info about the silver, check out the working with silver and solvent page.

Picture 013: A pair of large Nitrile gloves for handling silver (recommended).

Replacement parts

Extra Build Plate *

Depending on your order type, you may have an extra build (see Picture 014) as described above.

Picture 014: Extra build plate for "Get it now" pre-order customers only.

Extra Wiping Sponges

Inside the wiping kit is one extra sponge which will need to be replaced on the silver wiping station after significant printing usage has happened. Sponges will get both dirty (with silver and wiping solvent), as well as degrade structurally over time due to nozzle friction during wipe cycles. Consult the printer schematic (#06).

You can order a wiping kit when you need them.

Picture 015: Wiping sponge.

Capping Mechanisms

Contained in the wiping kit 1 extra set of capping mechanism parts for the silver print head. After usage of the printer, you will have to replace these. Consult the printer schematic (#07).

If you need more, you can order a wiping kit from Voxel8.

Picture 016: Capping mechanisms at the end of the silver print head.

Additional FFF Silicone Sleeves

Also contained in the wiping kit is one additional silicone sleeves which fit onto the end of the FFF extruder nozzle. These protect the end point of the brass nozzle on the extruder head. The pop on and off. Consult the printer schematic to see where it is (#12).

If you need more, you can order them from Voxel8.


Picture 017: Replacement Silicone Sleeves for the FFF extruder nozzle.

Additional FFF Silicone Strip

Within the wiping kit is another silicone wiping strip. This is the piece that the FFF nozzle strikes during the plastic wiping procedure to clean it free of debris. Over time it will wear and you'll need to replace it. Consult the printer schematic (#13).

If you need more, you can order a new wiping kit here.

Picture 018: Replacement Silicone strip for the plastic wiping station.

That's it for what's included along with the Developer's Kit printer in your box. You can head back to the box contents list.

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