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FFF Assembly

Required Tools:

  • 1.5mm Hex Driver
  • 2mm Hex Driver
  • T7 Torx Driver
  • Grease Gun(white lithium grease)

Bill of Materials:

Cold End Assembly 1

Using the grease gun, apply grease to the Extruder Body where the Hobbed Gear resides. Ensure grease does not flow through the hole into the appropriate pocket. If it does, wipe it away to prevent it from contaminating filament in the future. Insert Hobbed Gear into appropriate pocket and check for excess grease once more.

Cold End Assembly 2

Tighten the set screw embedded into the Spur Gear onto the Motor Shaft, ensuring that the set screw lies flush with the flat portion of the shaft.

Cold End Assembly 3

Taking both the assembled Motor with gear, and the Extruder Body, insert the Spur Gear into the Extruder Body so that the motor now rests against the mounting locations on the body. Make sure the orientation of the Motor/Extruder Body subassembly is correct, as shown in the picture below.

Cold End Assembly 4

Next, prepare the Extruder Face Plate by greasing the interior face at the location that will cover the gears. Following this, place the Face Plate over the Extruder body, noting screw hole locations for proper orientation. Insert screws into their respective locations shown in the below image. When tightening, first tighten all screws until you feel resistance. Only after they've all been tightened in this manner may you fully tighten them. The Set Screw should be screwed into the hole, but tightened later once the Hot End is inserted. Note the remaining empty hole.

Cold End Assembly 5

Taking the subassembly finished in the previous step, gather also the Extruder Arm, Spacer, Compression Spring, and Flat Head Screw. Insert the Spacer and Spring into the Extruder Arm, then insert these components into the Extruder Body, ensuring the Spring is inserted into its respective hole in the Body. Insert the Screw into the assembly where it will act as the Arm's axis of rotation, compressing the Arm/Spring to do so. Tighten Screw so that it fits flush with the Extruder Body.

Cold End Assembly 6

Taking the subassembly we've been working on, the FFF Plate subassembly, and three M3 Hex Flat Head Screws, Orient the FFF Plate as shown, and secure to subassembly with Screws.

Final Assembly

Gather the Hot End, Cold End, and an additional Hex Screw, insert the Hot End into the Cold End in the orientation shown. Then, insert the Hex Screw into the remaining hole on the Face Plate, proceeding to tighten both it, and the set screw. Plug in all connections into their respective locations.

Cartridge Cover

Now, with the Final Assembly, attach the Cartridge Cover, using two M2.5 Hex Socket Screws, and one M2.5 Hex Flat Screw. Begin by inserting the Hex Socket Screws into their respective locations within the Cover. Carefully slide the Cover over the Cold End, noting orientation. Tighten interior screws, but do not over tighten, or Cover may warp. Additionally, insert the remaining Screw into the top of the cover and tighten using the T7 torx driver.

FFF Assembly is Complete

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